Under Construction

31 08 2007

I was reading the latest edition of “Decision” magazine (from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association) which is devoted to the life of Billy’s wife, Ruth, who just passed away. It’s an inspiring tribute to her life and her faith in the Lord. In one corner of one of the articles they had a section from one of her journals. In it she had written “I once saw a highway sign on a strip of highway that was under construction. I would like to have that sign copied onto my gravestone. It said, ‘End of construction. Thank you for your patience.'” I smiled as I read it, but it was central to her life story. She always looked on everyone as a work in progress. She said she always found it irritating to be painting a picture in art class and have someone criticize the work before the painting was finished. Yet how many of us are guilty of criticizing God’s unfinished paintings. It really hit me how much more I need to consider that when I look upon others, and especially when I look upon myself.