LATJ: The Eyes Have It

19 11 2009

Witnesses are very important to getting to the truth. One may question the motivation for someone doing certain things, but a witness testifying to the event is quite powerful. Having multiple witnesses that testify to the same things adds credibility and certainty to those events.

In Josh McDowell’s book “More Than a Carpenter”, he presents a very powerful argument for the validity of the Bible and the life of Jesus. After Jesus’ death and resurrection the twelve disciples went out to the world to testify to their faith in Jesus and to share the Gospel. They were all eventually killed because of their faith. Each of the disciples were given an opportunity to deny Christ before they were killed but none of them would recant. Now it may be possible that someone would die for something that they know is a lie. But as Josh points out, it is almost impossible that twelve people would die excruciating deaths for something that they know is a lie. The conclusion then is that what these twelve disciples were testifying to was actually true. They were witnesses to Jesus’ ministry, saw Him crucified on the cross, saw Him risen from the dead, received the power of the Holy Spirit, spread the Gospel message and the power of Christ throughout the world, and they did all of that because they knew that it was true. They were so certain of the truth that they died for it, knowing full well that because of their faith they would be with Christ in heaven.

As believers in Christ, we too are witnesses of God. We have experienced the power of the Holy Spirit, we have experienced the work of Christ in our lives, and we are called to testify to this truth. People may refuse to believe what you are telling them, but no one can deny the truth of what you have experienced and how Christ has changed your life. Be a witness!




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