LATJ: Forever — A Long, Long Time

17 11 2009

Statistically speaking, one out of every one is going to die. Have you really considered that statistic before? All of the things that we do on this earth may seem important, but in the scheme of eternity our time here is really very short. Since that is the case, our faith in God is a critical factor in how we should live.

What you believe about eternity has a great impact on how you live your life. In his book “Think Like Jesus”, George Barna says it this way: “One of the Bible’s more important points is that our final destination is more important than what we achieve during our time on earth, and spending the remainder of eternity in heaven ought to be our present goal. Achieving the right to become a citizen of heaven should be our primary aim in life.”

But is faith really all that important? Zig Ziglar answered that question this way: “Faith is very important. I did the math, and you are going to be dead a lot longer than you are going to be alive!” This life is just the starting point for all of us. God has offered everyone a choice in how they will spend eternity — in heaven with Him or eternally separated from Him. If you haven’t accepted Christ’s invitation then you need to consider how you’ll spend eternity. If you have, then you need to start being more joyful — you know where you are going!




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