Bring the Rain

6 11 2009

Sure, it’s easy to praise God when things go well. But do you praise God when things get tough? Do you know that God will never allow you to suffer more than you can handle as long as you look to Him for your strength? God uses the difficulties in our lives to refine us, to make us more in His image. As Neal Jeffrey once said, “The difficulties in your life are an opportunity for you to show that Christ is sufficient.” Through all of the events in our lives, both good and bad, we give Him the praise and the glory. May God be magnified!




One response

6 11 2009

I’m new to blogging and I’m not entirely sure even what it is still, but I came across this one and it definitely touched me in a good way. Right now I’m going through a lot of trials and tests that are definitely testing my newfound faith in God. When I came across this I thought that maybe He used these tests in my life to bring me closer to him? I think he may have used them to show me that I don’t need to try to find shelter in other people’s approval such as my very close friends, but in my personal savior instead. He showed me the love of those around me and He got me through the hard times I’ve came across. He showed me that I can bring all my problems to him and he will fix them. He will make them better. I know because of the hard times I have faced I can count on Him to get me through the next ones that are inevitable to come in the future.
Thanks for helping me realize this. 🙂

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