LATJ: The Life of the Party

5 11 2009

party-balloons“It’s not about you.” Rick Warren starts off his wonderful book “The Purpose Driven Life” with that heart-piercing statement. What’s so wrong with wanting it to be about me? The world tells me it should be all about me. But as Warren says in the opening chapter, “Apart from God, all the things we use to try to fill our lives will always run out and fail to satisfy.” This is so true. So often we see that the things we thought we could count on turn out to disappoint us or fail to last. Even fame itself is fleeting.

We make idols of all sorts of things in our lives — celebrities, sports figures, jobs, cars, and all kinds of stuff. While it may be okay to hold certain people and things in high esteem, remember that they are all temporal and will someday be gone. Many times we look to those idols to distract us from the things going on in our lives. We try all sorts of things to make our life meaningful. But Warren reminds us that “our best human efforts at making life meaningful will always fall short of God’s plan to give our lives true meaning.” Or as my pastor once said, “false idols always fail.”

If you want real, life-sustaining purpose and meaning for your life, purpose that will outlast anything that you could ever think of, keep your focus on Jesus, the author and sustainer of life. “Everything got started in Him and finds its purpose in Him.” Col 1:16b




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