LATJ: Lifesaver

21 09 2009

red lightThere wasn’t anything special about that day a fews years ago. I was across town running some errands and was anxious to get home. Driving down Park Boulevard it seemed that every slow driver was in front of me, causing me to miss several lights. As I approached a major intersection, Park and Preston, I noticed the light was yellow and I was getting especially irritated that I was about to miss yet another light. There were several cars in the middle lane and no cars in the right lane so I quickly moved over so that I could get ahead of all of these cars when the light changed green. Apparently another driver had the same idea and pulled out just in front of me, thwarting my effort to be at the front of the line.

The light at that intersection is relatively long, so I had time to sit there and get even more impatient. Finally the light turned green. “Let’s go, it’s the pedal on the right. It’s not going to get any greener.” I’m sure I probably said something like that to the driver in front of me. A full two, maybe three seconds had passed now and still the car in front of me hadn’t moved. Suddenly a car moving at a high rate of speed came zooming through the intersection, running the red light. Whoa! Oh my God! If I had been at the front of the line I’m sure I would have started going as soon as the light changed and no doubt I would have been hit broadside by that car and possibly killed.

Instantly my anxiousness and impatience turned to gratitude. I said “Thank you Lord” for saving me, for putting that car in front of me at just that precise time to stop me from tragedy. It really hit me that all of those little incoveniences and roadblocks that sometimes appear before us may actually be God working to protect us. To this day, every time that I come upon a red light it reminds me to thank God for His protection. His involvement in our lives is real. A red light may seem like a small thing to us…an inconvenience that is keeping us from getting somewhere on time. But it may just be God saying “Hold on a minute. I’ve got your back.”




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