Shooting Stars, by Andrew Peterson

11 08 2009

Andrew Peterson ( is my favorite Christian music artist. I love his musical style and his verses really touch a chord with me. I was reviewing some old notes of mine from years past and I ran across an excerpt from Andrew’s blog that I had written down. Not sure exactly what was happening in my life at the time that caused me to write it down, but I’m sure I had a lot going on and needed a reminder of what’s really important. Here are his words:

shootingstar“Slowing down doesn’t mean a lack of activity, but a focus on the only activity that really matters at all. What I’m talking about is the heart. I’m talking about sinking into the good things, the noble things, the beautiful things that Christ has spoken into the world around us, and that we notice in our cluttered world only by trying to notice them. They are shooting stars that we’ll never see until we drive out to the country and lay down in a sleeping bag on a dewy slope to wait and watch for them.”



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