Intellectual Dishonesty

1 10 2008

I’ve recently heard some comments from some of my non-believing friends related to faith and commitment. These are smart and logical people who find it difficult to believe that one could have a relationship with God. In reviewing some quotes that I had written down from a previous reading of “Peace with God” by Billy Graham, a couple of them stood out to me in light of some of those comments:

“I have learned that when men and women of sound judgment reject Christ as their Lord and Master, they do it not because they find Christian doctrines intellectually distasteful, but because they seek to avoid the responsibilities and obligations that the Christian life demands. Their faint hearts rather than their brilliant minds stand between them and Christ. They are not willing to submit themselves and surrender everything to Christ.”

“It is interesting to note that the two men most used of God in the Bible (one in the old testament and one in the new testament) were also the best educated: Moses and Paul.”

“The Christian ideal certainly does not demand that a person renounce all interest in the affairs of this life; but rather that we seek God’s guidance in performing our daily work to the best of our ability, and that we keep both our work and our ambitions in subordination to the Lord at all times.”




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