The Surrendered Life

3 03 2008

There is a difference between a “good” life and a saved life; there is a difference between a saved life and a surrendered life.

Do you know the difference?

The good life is one that seeks to do “good” things because of self-glorification or what seems to be right. There is no ultimate mission other than to treat others well and there is no recognition of authority for that good.

The saved life recognizes the authority of God as the originator of good and does “good” things because God would want them to be done.

The surrendered life gives every thought and action to God for His use and purpose. There is no thought of self or glorification other than the glory that God receives.

I believe it was D.L. Moody that said “The world has yet to see what God can do with a person who has completely surrendered their life to God.”



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